Public Information

Public Information
At USD 305 we know that keeping our schools safe requires continuous work and communication. We review safety plans and practice emergency drills regularly. We make adjustments and are always strengthening our preparations and possible responses to crises. 

Storm shelters, controlled entries, video cameras, emergency notifications and more are important tools that are in place at USD 305. Still, on one of the most important resources is people. Our students and community are a powerful part of keeping schools safe. 

All of us need to work together. Parents and guardians can remind students that if they "see something, say something." When you have questions about what is happening in school, seek information from school principals. 

If a crisis occurs at your school, factual information will be delivered to you at the contact information you have provided. It is our promise that whenever a safety situation arises, we will communicate with you as soon as facts are available. Additional updates are sent if new information is discovered. 

You can play an important role to help stop misinformation. Focusing on facts and remaining calm will help our resources work through situations as quickly as possible. Embellishing and posting or reporting false information can have serious effects, create panic and anxiety for students and parents. 

Let's work together to prevent rumors - especially on social media - so that fear and uncertainty do not gain power in stressful situations. The USD 305 commitment is to keep our students safe. Our partnership with you, the Salina community, helps make this happen.